Sony reveal display Crystal LED giant accurately 16K

Sony announced in Japan today on the first screen Crystal LED giant accurately 16K characterized by the size of 19.2 5.4 M, it comes with a display more precise details.


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The development of technical screens to quickly display resolution of 4K to 8k, except that Sony switched to a new level with the screen, revealed today in Japan, characterized by accurately 16k characterized with Crystal LED.

Come screen 16k new Sony HD try 64 times in the pixels of the screens possible to accurately display 1080 pixels or FULL HD, or 16 times of the screen possible 4K resolution, so the screen the Sony has the ability to view the smallest details in the highest clarity.

Come screen 16K Sony size 63 in 17 feet, where it extends in two floors in the research center of Yokohama in Japan which is one of the Centers of research that has recently been established in Japan.

Also the screen comes with Crystal new LED of Sony, which operates the giant Korean Samsung also tested in hardware recently, where the screen comes Sony 16K without background lighting, they offer the highest brightness of OLED screens, with the color black overwhelming also.

Recall that the cost of manufacturing this screen is very high, so there is no plans for Sony at the present time for the production of this category of tea in large scale, where it still monitors and 8K is in its early stages in the market so far according to statements of Sony.


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