Sony reveal call her the new Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact

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Unveiled the Sony today unveiled the phone, its new Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact updated offers unique engineering and Design Group Xperia, has been the design of the two phones the concept of a stripper to provide entertainment experiences and immersive, and the two phones tremendous development in the camera display and audio technologies as well as the wonderful design and new to fit in the palm of the hand.

He said hideyuki Forum, Executive Vice President of sales and marketing global at Sony Mobile Communications: “if entertainment is your priorities, the new phones Xperia XZ2 and the Xperia XZ Compact is what they seek from smart phones”.

He added: “judging from what is clear we have very sophisticated techniques on the inside right through to the new design and sleek, these two phones a smartphone is everything you need and probably much more than that, we paid the level of the Sony to the limits even further with our new products specially in relation to the registration and watch movies and listen to music, which is what makes us take your entertainment to the max”.

Xperia XZ2

In the framework of the pursuit of Sony Mobile to push the viewing experience to the max, the Xperia XZ2 comes with a wide 5.7-inch, HDR, Full HD+, so you can enjoy movies and your favorite level of colors and contrast is exceptional.

In addition, you can’t just share the content of high dynamic range HDR, but the use of technology on the Sony BRAVIA TV, X-reality mobile, will you upload to the quality of the convergence of quality high dynamic range HDR even when watching video clips, you’ll get the quality re-run the best and it makes you feel that you choose to experience movies.

And Xperia XZ2 new sensory experience, adding a sense of cognitive impairments of touch to be able to sense the viewing experience, which lends fun and entertainment is infinite and unique, this phone uses the vibration system, dynamic Vibration System new from Sony which analyzes the audio data and makes you feel movement between your hands, making movies, games and videos come to life.

You can also watch video your favorite with your friends thanks to the power amplifiers stereo front, as it is characterized by the S-Force Front Surround which is what the speakers is the highest in the group of Xperia.

Quality audio is also available through the use of the expertise of Sony in the field of audio with the original sound, the real sound HD Hi-Resolution Audio along with the technology DSEE HX to upgrade.

As that quality is guaranteed when it is profit to wireless speakers or headphones thanks to Bluetooth technology improved LDAC which provides images of high-precision High-Resolution Audio.

We have been promoting camera Motion Eye to the max and got a wonderful update with a 4K HDR movie recording the first of its kind within the smart phone in the world.

Now you can capture reality with the amazing contrast in addition to detail, vivid colors, and the minute and share or download them on a compatible TV with a HDR or YouTube to watch your content once again realistically alive.

It has also been updated to feature photography very slow with 960 frames per second to become the Full-HD Full HD and make your time more wonderful characteristic.

Providing a camera Motion Eye with all the photography features you expect from the Xperia with the features of intelligent control, such as imaging predictive Predictive Capture with the detection of smiles and movement, and light automatic image Autofocus and automatic predictive picture Predictive Autofocus.

Thanks to those high-tech features, in addition to the speed of the launch and the Quick Launch and Capture) Sonny, you won’t miss any moment.

Method is unique and really capture the memories with 3D application Creator is now available for greater flexibility in scanning three-dimensional, not only can you scan things or having friends in less than a minute with the camera main, but you can also create three-dimensional images of yourself using the front camera, to give life to your photos selfie three dimensionally and give you endless opportunities in the world of holographic designs.

Has become the post-processor are now available quality larger images three-dimensional, Add to that, that once you’ve finished scanning the three-dimensional image of the selfie or the other, it can be automatically uploaded to your Facebook page through the 3D Creator.

New design

All those experiences of the great envelope in a new design with the glass surface is three-dimensional, which creates a form smooth and comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Varies elegant design of the device with the structure of his power and made of glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and a metal frame to increase the durability and splendor of its appearance. This reflects the design of the phone with its four beautiful and sparkle in every angle of their beautiful glass streaming light, and is available with the silver power, black power, green, dark pink.

Designed Xperia XZ2 case on the standard of IP65/IP68 to resist stains and spray fluid so that you don’t have to think twice to answer your phone during the rain.

Will the smartphone Xperia XZ2-backed chip processor Snapdragon 845 modern with X20 LTE, immersive experience cheating the user to quickly contact Super faster than ever “up to 1.2 Gbps” with the second generation of “Gigabit LTE” which makes users enjoy life the modern during the period of work or during their leisure time, for example, you can get the episode of a TV within 20 seconds with the speed of the download Super.

With all the speed and high performance then you want to make sure that the battery won’t let you down, this is what will the Xperia XZ2 with a large capacity battery of 3180mAh the most control over energy efficiency at all, as to the advantages of the battery of the Xperia Active will also include Smart Stamina and STAMINA, in addition to Battery Care technology Qnovo Adaptive Charging which helps the battery to stay in good condition and give it longer.

As for recharging with less effort, then you can use the platform for wireless charging WCH20, and other charging devices compatible with “Qi”, simply by placing the Xperia XZ2 on the product for shipped energy, without the need to link.

Xperia XZ2 Compact

As well as being within hardware blockbuster in the series of Xperia offers XZ2 Compact after the largest concept phone built so as to provide you the screen of this phone is a great convenience in the palm of your hand with the display clear HDR Full HD+ was provided with a large-screen device speakers stereo strong to be the most powerful device entertain my ROM.

It also has the XZ2 Compact many updates of existing in his older brother Xperia XZ2 and similar updates Motion Eye™ 2018 that includes 3D Creator selfies and severe motion slow “Full HD Super slow motion” as well as a feature to capture still images.

As XZ2 Compact contains techniques Sony to enhance the sound such as “Hi-Res Audio” speakers to the stereo in order to provide entertainment unlimited.

Despite the small size of this mobile phone smartphone, however, supported the latest and fastest processor Snapdragon 845.

You can XZ2 Compact, which made its meticulously crafted, the same design concept that has been adopted in the Xperia XZ2 with the shape of the curved all makes you feel comfortable the most is in the palm of your hand, durability is guaranteed thanks to the external structure of the device made of glass “Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5” urine carbon Scratch resistant and metal frame Add to the contemporary world “IP65/IP68”.

This phone comes in four colors great matte: white, silver, black, dark green, pink, purple.


There are a range of accessory support will be available including the Style Cover Touch and Style Cover Stand colors identical for both models.

There are also extensions for the wireless platform Wireless Charging DockWCH20 fast and with less effort in addition to Quick Charger UCH12W that provides hours of battery time by connecting it for a few minutes only.

It also allows you headset 2-way Style USB Audio & Bluetooth® Headset SBH90C enjoy music and talk wirelessly with high quality, as well as through the option of USB Type-C™ Cable which provides the sound of a high-resolution Hi-Res Audio with a separate digital direct USB.

As can also charge of “Xperia” by listening so that you can easily switch between the wireless in case the battery runs out.

Featuring the headset’s Open-ear Stereo Headset STH40D the weight of it light and listen to the dual is, in addition to the Xperia Ear Duo used audio Sony President for the distribution of the earphones ‘open-ear’ Wireless Stereo, which is what makes you able to listen to music and access to information, education and communication on one hand with the possibility to hear sounds around you at once.

Also available USB Type-C,™ 2-in-1 Cable EC270 so you can also fish from the sky and wired at the same time you charge your phone.

Andwill be Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact available globally as of March 2018 with two B Android™ 8.0 Oreo.

Source: Sony unveils Phone of its new Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact

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