Sony responded to the problem of the screen of the Xperia XZ2

It seems that the company Sony is Japanese not have a good answer to the new problem that appeared in the phones Xperia XZ2 وXperia XZ2 Compact according to the number of users, where it shows strips in the screens of these phones through the use of although not long after the issuance of phones to the new company.

The company said the Japanese in the first reply to a problem faced by users of phones New that the problem is normal and not a manufacturing defect and they will disappear with time, explaining the cause of their occurrence through a new publication on the city’s own official phones Xperia.

And a description of the problem that streaks appears when scratching the screen or touching it continuously for a certain period but it disappear after some time, the problem does not seem light and be ignored because the number of users they Complain already through the city’s own phones Xperia.

In addition to the phones Xperia XZ2 وXperia XZ2 Compact who suffer from this problem after a number of tests has been reached that the Xperia XZ1 also suffers from having the same problem, the phones Xperia X وXperia XZ Premium after their choice had been sure not to suffer from the same problem.

Emerged Sony this phenomenon in young women as a result of the company’s electric static, so she disappear with the disappearance of the shipment and it is not defect of industry, where the company said that these streaks appear due to the characteristics of the screen, without clarifying what is the fault of the user suffering from this defect, which does not appear in the phones of other companies.

No response seems Sony is good to what extent, where not clarified so far whether will be affected or not but the answer seems not so far where I don’t think the company that an unexpected only in its phones flaw worth talking about, or even apologize to the users.

The Japanese company has since the days of the disclosure of the official end of the face of Xperia home and the new interface without clarifying the cause of it but it looks like cause marketing is no more. Xperia home the reality of the current phones Sony and existing since years and Android will not get the advantages of new future will get security updates only problems only.

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