Sony reported the first five-year plan PS4

Sony has published a short infographic on the PlayStation 4 in honor of the fifth anniversary of the console.

So, in five years, Sony sold 86.1 million consoles and 777,9 million copies. Of course, here mainly refers to the games, but the company itself used the word “software”, apparently implying and a few apps for the PS4.

By the way, if the statistics on the consoles fair in mid-September, the games he’s still June, it is now already numbers more. Also for these years was released 11 major system update for the PS4.

In addition, Sony shared and other statistics. So, you can see the five most popular colors for the DualShock 4 controller. The best selling games were (in alphabetical order) Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Call Of Duty WWII, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, and GTA V.

The list of the most downloadable games are almost completely different, you can also see in the image.

From myself I will add that within the “Black Friday” in the US the PS4 with the screw on 1 TB and Marvel Spider-Man will be available for just $ 200.

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