Sony registered a patent in Leeds special control device Playstation include a touch-sensitive screen

DualShock 4

Came console, the DualShock 4, which has been launched alongside the Playstation 4 in the year 2013 with a touch-sensitive pad allows users to perform a variety of functions. Never before has been supplying hand control pain with a sensitive to touch. However, you might Sony be ready to take another step forward by developing a touch-sensitive screen in the next generation of console DualShock.

I got Sony recently filed a patent for a controller especially with Playstation include a touch-sensitive screen. You know the graphics included in the file of patent the controller like the console, the DualShock 4, but it contains a touch-sensitive screen instead of a touch-sensitive pad. Been approved for a patent this past October, but Sony have applied to get it in 2017.


Recall the description of the patent clearly sensitive screen for several times. May allow replacement painting touch-sensitive police sensitive to provide more interactive functions. Can operate the screen sensitive to touch with applications allowing to control the operating system and games by means of gestures directly on the surface of the console.

Although what is stated in the patent, this seems reasonable to a large extent, there is no way to confirm whether Sony will convert this patent into reality or not. So, while the Sony got the patent controller DualShock 4 with a touch-sensitive screen, it is difficult to determine whether the company will be launching one.


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