Sony reduced the price of the Playstation Classic by about 40%

Playstation Classic

Company has made Nintendo a huge success thanks to models small ( Mini ) from its classic. It was very difficult to get your Nintendo NES Classic when it was launched in the beginning, and the same thing happened with a Nintendo SNES Classic. The turnout for both devices are very good, and has successfully managed the company Nintendo in the sale of many units. Wanted Sony get their fair share of success also and that is what pushed her to launch a Playstation Classic. However, it seems that the success of this device was limited.

After just one month on the launch of the Sony Playstation Classic, the company has reduced its price significantly. It was launched in the beginning for 100 USD, but has now become available for purchase in a number of retail stores compared to $ 60, this means that Sony decided to reduce the price of the Playstation Classic by about 40 percent just one month after its launch.

Not limited to only one store decided to reduce the profit margin to sell more units. In fact, it has become a Playstation Classic is now available for purchase for $ 60 at many stores such as Amazon and Target. This shows that Sony don’t sell a large number of units of this device, which forced her to reduce the price.

Some teachers weren’t happy about a Playstation Classic in the first place, they were not impressed with the idea that Playstation Classic comes with a 20 game only, so it is difficult to please everyone by including a 20-game just from the countless number of games that were released for the Playstation first. This, in addition to the simulation problem faced by many users and the fact that not only supports hands control to the Playstation One. And, apparently, all these factors made Playstation Classic does not provide good performance.


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