Sony promised to release a new launcher to replace the Xperia Home

Japanese smartphone manufacturer Sony is developing a new shell for branded machines to replace the previous. The representatives of the brand wrote in the comments to the news about the rejection of the further development of Xperia Home, which will no longer receive the updates that extend its functionality.

New launcher from Sony

Employees of Sony refused to comment on the reasons for which I decided to replace the Xperia Home new shell. Perhaps the manufacturer came to the conclusion that the development of the launcher with zero comparable work with refining an existing one, but will more thoroughly focus on new ideas.

According to some reports, Sony will unveil a new shell this fall. Development will be based on the final build of Android P, differing from Xperia Home processed by the control system. In the role of a new method of interaction with an interface branded smartphones will use touch gestures similar to iOS.

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