Sony presented a prototype of smart phone is compatible with the 5G networks in the exhibition MWC 2019


Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 is still based in Barcelona, Spain, an event where we saw many smartphone manufacturers unveils its smart phones and its future. Regardless of smart phones folding from the likes of Samsung and Huawei was smart phone compatible with the 5G networks are the equal of the scene in this annual event, we have seen phones 5G New different companies such as Xiaomi and LG and Oppo and Huawei.

Now here we are with a new report from the website Pocket-lint checks for the monitoring device in the cabin of my Sony and Qualcomm. Unfortunately, this phone that has been observed is still a prototype which means it’s not ready yet to reach consumers with the knowledge that Sony didn’t mention anything about the launch date of this phone.

He told Adam Marsh, a member of the communications team of the global company Sony, the site Pocket-lint checks for that the phone is not a ” commercial product“, but rather a device to test the network. He explained that Sony choose different versions of devices for the purpose of ” trying to understand what will happen if you remove the antenna away from a certain place and make it thinner “.

This is referred to the initial model within Sony as the ” AG-1“, according to Adam Marsh. It is also recommended that Sony heavily involved in 5G technology, and they have not decided just yet to launch anything commercially. Furthermore, it was explained by Mr. Adam Marsh that the Japanese company will launch products in the near future.

I didn’t reveal to us Sony exactly when are you going to launch a smartphone compatible with the 5G, but the Japanese company is working on launching one later this year. In the case if we were to speculate, we believe that we will see this phone at IFA 2019 to be held early September this year, in the German Berlin note that it is likely that the features of the processor Snapdragon 855, and the Qualcomm X50.


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