Sony preparing to launch Xperia 1 Markets in Europe in June at a price of $ 950 almost

Use Sony to launch the Xperia 1 to markets in Europe during the month of June next, where the phone is available at a price of $ 950 approx.

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It was the company Sony has announced the Xperia 1 in the month of February last, without specifying the date to launch the phone to the market, and today came the details confirmed from Verizon on a phone release in the United States market during the month of July.

Also due to the phone is available in the markets of Europe, during the first week of June, while the markets of North America after almost a month of availability of the phone in the European markets.

The back of the phone is already in the lists of Amazon since the month of April at a price of 999.99 dollars, however, Sony revealed the official price of the phone recently where scheduled to be available at a price of 949.99 USD in the open model, the choices in the Color Purple and black.

Also Sony confirmed that the Xperia 1 will be available in outlets in the United States on 12 July, that the phone is available in Best Buy, B&H, focus Camera among the other regions with the Amazon store.

Recall that the Xperia 1 comes with a microchip Snapdragon processor 855, it also has a ram of 6 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 128 GB, also Xperia 1 screen HDR OLED display size of 5.6 inch, resolution 1644 in 3840 pixels, it also comes with dimensions of 21:9, which is the first phone in the world comes with a 4K OLED supports intensity display 643 pixels per inch.

It also features Xperia 1 camera background of the distinctive three sensors accurately 12 mega pixel camera, supports shooting in slow motion until the 960 frame per second, with the feature of optical zooming until the twice, and the installation of the visual, also the phone supports the Android operating system 9 Pie.

Xperia 1 also comes designed with waterproof, it also has a sensor footprint with speakers and stereos and all car front accurately 8 mega pixel camera, with a battery capacity of 3300 mAh, and the entrance to headphones 3.5 mm.


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