Sony PlayStation now you can play cross-platform projects. The first available game Fortnite

Sony didn’t want to add support for cross-platform games for the PlayStation, considering their console is “the best place to play”. However, the company still revised its Outlook and now PlayStation 4 owners can compete in cooperative games with owners of other consoles.

Yesterday, 26 September, in cooperation with Sony, Epic Games launched the open beta cross platform updates that will allow the PlayStation 4 to fight on the same card with gamers from other platforms (Windows, Mac, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS).

Fortnite is the first game with so many devices supporting joint, cross-platform games.

“For 24 years we have worked tirelessly to give our users the best experience in the unique style PlayStation. Currently the community of some of the projects have become so pervasive that denying the need for cross-platform play is impossible. Recognizing this, we conducted a thorough analysis of all possible business models to choose the one through which impressions of the PlayStation will remain comprehensive, both now and in the future, when we will make our platform more open,” – said the company in its press release.

Sources: Dsogaming, Sony

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