Sony phones abandon feature “night mode”

Provided Sony put night lighting within the selections of phones Xperia XA1, except that this feature is disappearing after update to Android oreo.

In these days, deliberately many manufacturers like Google and Samsung oneplus and other companies to add the filter blue light or what is known as a feature “night mode” or “night lighting” to their phones, so after the emergence of many studies and articles that talked about the harmful effects of the sun, especially blue light, however, there are companies less interested in this feature such as Sony, as for example has no Japanese company phones include this feature except for the lineup of phones Xperia XA1.

It seems that this feature is on its way to the corner even for the to phones Xperia XA1, as stressed by the representative of customer service Sony Corporation in response to a query one of the users on the micro-blogging platform Twitter to feature “Good night actions”, which users can reduce the emission of blue light from the screen, disappearing when the access of the phones to update to Android oreo 8.0.

In addition, he stated a company representative also said that there are currently no plans to add such a feature to phones Xperia other, and as this feature is proposed in the current lineup Xperia XA1, the response of the company means that none of its smart phones will not have this feature related to reducing the emission of blue light after the arrival of the update to Android oreo, suggests Sony on users to reach the application developer by a third party which provides night mode.


Source: Sony phones abandon feature “night mode”

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