Sony patented ARM controller PlayStation with a touch screen

سوني تسجل براءة اختراع لذراع تحكم بلايستيشن مزودة بشاشة لمس

The Sony in the month of October last patented a new office registration of Trademarks, Patents US, data showed that the invention with respect to the hand controller for your PlayStation with a touch screen, did not indicate information on the addendum to the actual play screen on the arm of the PlayStation judge in the case raise them effectively.

And the arm of the PlayStation at the time the current version of its Dualshock 4 touchpad button located in the middle where it allows the user to navigate in the menu and do other activities used to interface a touchscreen, as the players get more information about the game that they play when pressed create game-like, but talking about patents recently registered it will be completely different than carrying his arm today, the term touch screen arm means screen prepared to receive orders as soon as you touch it which makes us wonder about how to hire a company for this new feature in the arm and how to balance it with different games and you will have success?

Many questions revolve in the mind about this, but the very thing that the patent is still on the paper for a moment does not mean that the police recorded it on the ladder of the priorities of the police in the next version of the arm, at which time the point where some reports indicate that Sony will launch its next generation of PlayStation as early as 2019 or in late 2021 to separate time between the two dates due to lack of permit from the police about the date of launch unit to the new games.

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