Sony officially reveal the full control RX0 II a compact design and support for 4K and the price of 700 $

At a conference in San Diego recently Sony unveiled the latest version of cameras possible by the small size, with full car RX0 II lightweight support for recording 4K video, also available in April at a price of $ 700.


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Full control RX0 II is the smallest and lightest camera designed by Sony, which is designed to support resistant to water, dust, shocks, as it is resistant to fall-offs, also supports 4K video recording, and comes with LCD screen supports the bend at an angle of 180 degrees, or the tilt-down angle of 90 degrees.

Supports full control RX0 II Exmor RS CMOS sensor, which is characterized by accurately 15.3 mega pixel camera, it also comes camera processor BIONZ X Health which works to improve and enhance the production of the colors in the pictures, with more of a tone to the skin, also comes cameras with sensors up to ISO 80-12800 point, as the perception of the performance of fast, the highest quality in still images and in video recording.

Also called camera lens fixed 24mmiii F4.0 distinctive wide-angle, with the support of the filming of the dimension of the focal up to 20 seasons, so they are a good choice selfie from a very close distance.


The entire design of the car RX0 II from Sony

Come camera RX0 II design has a very small size with light weight makes it perfect for shopping, as driving up the cable car to the 59 in 40.5 in 35 mm, as characterized by weight of 132 grams, so it’s special design can be carried smoothly.

Also offering Sony camera RX0 II design is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters, with the advantage resistant to dust, shocks, falls, accidental, so the camera is ideal to the conditions of the organization of different excursions, too. design features of a camera to resist breakage until a pressure of 200 kg, also supports camera lenses the ZEISS.

It is planned to support full control RX0 II 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, with the advantage of video recording the smallest details of the over payment as the largest of the data up to 1.7 times to support the registration of the frames of 4K, streamlined and of the highest quality, and you can also move the tires to smartphones through applications Sony Imaging Edge which also supports edit photos and share them on social media sites seamlessly.

In still images supports full control RX0 II technology electronic stabilization for still images, also featuring backing in slow motion up to 1000 frames per second, with a feature film 4K HDMI.

Sony also offers the advantage of controlled wirelessly in more than one unit of cameras RX0 II, by the application of Imaging Edge on smart phones, where the support check in the number ranges between 5 to 50 full.

It is due to take full control RX0 II to now focus on to begin shipping in the month of April, where up the price of the camera to $ 700, are also available camera in all the outlets of the Treaty of Sony in North America.


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