Sony officially reveal Camera Action new Sony RX0 II, and 700$

Sony RX0 II

When it comes to camera action, GoPro is a company that was a pioneer in this area to some extent. However, the work of Sony to challenge the company GoPro in this area, it seems that they decided to continue it after now slide the curtain officially on the Camera Action new Sony RX0 II .

Camera Action new Sony RX0 II coming as suggests the name of a succession of camera Sony RX0, which was launched in the year 2017. It’s been about two years since the launch of another camera action, and therefore it was Sony definitely need to improve its portfolio. What makes the camera action Sony RX0 II of the new Sony interesting is her coming with a small screen will be very useful when trying to capture difficult angles or images of peace.

This was in fact one of the problems of the GoPro cameras, it has the screen was always installed on the camera body. Thus, this made it difficult for users to see what they shoot, but the company Sony solve this problem in Sony camera RX0 II. Regardless of the screen, it confirmed to us by Sony that the camera action New come with lens Carl Zeiss Tessar T 24mm F4, and will come also with a durable design the usual, which one might expect from such a camera.

Includes a water resistant in a depth of up to 33 feet, and Resist up to 400 pounds of pressure, and can turn a fall from a height of 6.5 feet. Moreover, it has been developing this camera as well to offer users the possibility to record videos in 4K at 30 frames per second. Unfortunately, the Camera Action new from Sony is not cheap at all, it costs 700 $ with the understanding that it is expected to be offered for sale in the month of April next.


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