Sony offers e-stores from the sale of the digital version to the PS4 games and the PSN

سوني تمنع المتاجر الإلكترونية من بيع النسخ الرقيمة لألعاب PS4 وتحصرها على PSN

Confirmed Sony it will start on the first of April 2019 to prevent electronic stores like GameStop selling digital copies or codes to download the games directly on the PS4 systems. This step comes in pursuit of the Japanese company to limit the sale of games on the store its the main PSN.

The police were let in the arena to add codes to her store from other stores licensed to download games without having to buy full PSN by Add Credit Card and personal data on it. Which means that sites like GameStop to profit and therefore decrease the profits of Sony from the sale of the women to her shop being don’t get a cent of it, but with the resolution of the new company will be the only ones who benefit from the sale of any game.

It can read Sony’s new step in the framework of its monopoly of gaming on the PS4 platform, where refuse access to Share Play with other platforms, most games Force users to play cross-platform only, and now will prevent any party from selling games to increase the challenge in this market.

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