Sony Mobile will be laying off 200 employees from its office in Sweden to provide oil to the half

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It was the Department of smart phones in the Sony known acronym in the name of Sony Mobile is losing money over the past few years, and as a result has put Sony plan to address the situation by focusing on reducing the expenses of the section during the next few years.

First it was reducing the number of staff in the office in the city of Lund, Sweden. This place was in the former is the headquarters of the division Sony Mobile, but was transferred to the Japanese capital Tokyo years ago. However, the head office in Lund city of Sweden around 1200 employees.

There is a lot of details, but it seems that 800 of them are working directly in the Department of Sony Mobile, while the rest of the staff is a staff, contractors or working in other sections. Of these, the 800, will be laying off 200 of them by the end of March 2019.

Says Stefan Olsson, who serves as vice president of the Office of Sony Mobile in Lund city of Sweden to cut expenses in half does not mean getting rid of half the staff. Sony review situation, so it is still the details are not available.

Sold the company to Sony about 13.5 million smartphones in the last year and expected to sell 10 million units this year. Has been reduced this number several times, and in the financial report for the third quarter of this year forecast the company to ship 7 million units just this year. Similarly, the initial plan to reduce expenses by 30 percent.



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