Sony launches USB charger-PD new supports fast charging 46.5 W


The company Sony has recently launched a new charger for devices compliant with the USB-DP. According to Sony, this is the shipper able to eject 46.5 watts of energy at once.

This charger features two ports of output power. For the USB Type-C, it is able to output Energy strongly 5V/3.0 A, 9V/3.0 A, 12V/3.0 A, 15V/2.6 A. at the same time, can prevent the USB port-A power output strongly 7.5 W 5V/1.5 A. as can be their output of 46.5 W of energy at the same time.

This charger uses a connector C7 or the Figure-8 Connector to connect it with the power cord. As you can expect, this charger has all the safety features usual, including the design of the heat-resistant, and compatibility with 100V-240V. Of course, this charger will be ideal if you have a laptop computer equipped with a USB port Type-C, but you also want to charge your iPad Pro quickly or any Android phone.

It seems that this charger is only available in Asia at the moment, it is not yet known what other markets will get.


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