Sony launches USB charger-PD capacity fast charging 46.5 W

Sony launched the latest version of units of USB chargers-PD ad-hoc wall, which comes the ability of fast charging 46.5 W, also supports charger CP-ADRM2 the user with two shipping zones.

Sony-new- USB-PD charger-46.5W

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Comes charger CP-ADRM2 category USB-C from Sony with two shipping zones, with a capacity output 5V/3.0 A, و9V/3.0 A, 12V/3.0 A, to the side of the 15V/2.6 A, where it can prevent the USB port-A supported output 7.5 W 5V/1.5 A, while those who follow the shipping with the output of 46.5 W at the same time.

Also from the article that supports the charger Sony connectors standard wire الطاقةC7 or 8, which may vary with the market, but the charger comes with all safety features and protection, among which the design of the heat-resistant, and is compatible with 100V-240V.

This version of the charger CP-ADRM2 decision from Sony is ideal for users of computers is possible with USB-C, or can claim to work as fast corresponds to the speed of charging the iPad Pro, or new versions of the phones landed, is scheduled to the shipper at the time the current in the markets of Asia.


I know of

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