Sony know the loading times in the Playstation 5 new in presentation


May not be Sony present in the gallery digital entertainment annual E3 2019, but the company has to gradually unearthing some information about the next generation of Playstation. We have confirmed Sony before the Playstation 5 will have memory storage of the type SSD, and photos three-dimensional, graphics resolution up to 8K, as well as compatibility with games for Playstation 4 the current. Provided Sony now displayed showing the download time in Playstation 5 which seems a very, very impressive.

It was possible to contribute to the transition of the memory storage HDD to the memory storage of the SSD to improve load times, but one has to take into account the other improvements on the level of gear which will help load times significantly.

The Sony providing this demonstration during a meeting of investors of the latter. Thought demo game Spider-Man that was used to determine the cities and where to quickly. Take a Playstation 4 Pro more than eight seconds to improve the game Spider-Man, while it takes a Playstation 5, assuming that this is the name that will Sony on the next-generation of Playstation, less than one second.

Furthermore, it was explained to us that the presentation also be a Playstation 5 able to cope better with dynamic maps which you download parts of the game while the player is transported through it. This eliminates the loop wait or stop during the transition from part of the map to another part.

Not confirmed to us by Sony even now a lot of information about the Playstation 5, but based on what you’ve shown us so far, there is no doubt that the next generation of Playstation will be a strong, to a large extent. The company confirmed to the Japanese that this device won’t arrive until the year 2020.

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