Sony know Model phone 5G in the Barcelona conference #MWC2019

Comes this year’s MWC conference a lot of announcements for phones that support networks of the fifth generation, Sony also revealed during the conference for the first model of the company phones 5G.

Sony- 5G prototype-MWC2019

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Made a lot of phone manufacturers have their versions of this year’s phones 5G, which revealed all of Huawei, LG, Oppo those also versions that support networks of the fifth generation, while the display of OnePlus and Sony are also the first models for 5G that offer later this year.

Comes Sony phone 5G in the prototype in collaboration with Qualcomm, where he is scheduled to featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 855, with a modem chip X50 5G, which is of key specifications for 5G, which launched this year.

Projections indicate that Sony will this release officially during the events of this year’s IFA, as projections indicate that the company will, another model of the Xperia 1, which was announced recently, comes the new model with the contact networks of the fifth generation, while the other expectations that Sony will launch a new line of phones 5G this year.


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