Sony killed the product line Compact-flagships?

Sony for many still important as a company that produces quality, strict smartphones. It is difficult not to recognize the uniqueness of the brand in comparison with Chinese manufacturers, which copy different functions from each other. Sony sticks to his style, is most attractive. The same touches and Xperia XZ4. In the Network appeared the image of the phone, which is highly appreciated by our readers in social networks. But it will release the company XZ4 Compact? Probably not. Sony can refuse to release Compact versions of flagships.

She remained on the market the only manufacturer that continues to produce a compact flagships. Why people like line of Xperia Compact? All about ease of use. The most recent smartphone lineup the Xperia XZ2 Compact features a 5-inch display and flagship Snapdragon 845, which today manufacturers no longer need to have. This is the uniqueness of Sony.

However, this uniqueness in the future may not be. In an interview with DigitalTrends Vice President of Sony marketing don Mesa said:

We for a long time stuck with the Compact-line for ease of use. There is always the possibility of implementing other dimensions, however, users now need more space for content.

Of course, don’t directly said that they will refuse to Compact versions, in addition to the Network was previously published render smartphone:

However, Sony is no longer willing to support unpopular decisions. Probably, users are really tired too small screens.

We have already appealed to the representative of the company in the Russian Federation with a request to comment on the issue. Material will be supplemented in the future, if there will be any interesting details.

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