Sony is working on solutions to allow the participation of play between the PS4 and the other

سوني تعمل على حلول لإتاحة مشاركة اللعب بين PS4 والمنصات الأخرى

While a lot of gaming companies make available share play users between platforms, stands Sony is far from the theme by making the play on the PS4 platform single standalone without any hope to make the player device to share the play with users of other devices.

Although the majority of the top gaming computers for long years, it only started to cause damage to some especially because of the cooperation of companies like Microsoft and Nintendo to allow share play, as that Microsoft its main competitor in the market enabled pre-share play between the platforms Xbox and windows, which look to users with great joy.

So it was on specialists and inquire about the subject in the conference Gamelab games, which was attended by the President of the entertainment division of the company in America, where it acknowledged the existence of problems regarding the share play with other platforms, but said that the company is working on finding solutions to the IT benefit to the users and at the same time.

Are we watching the Sony allows watch games with other platforms? Perhaps, especially since it has become important to have as many users as that platform gaming is changing growing with time.

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