Sony is planning to launch 4 versions featured in 2020 with 3 phones of the middle class

Use Sony to launch 4 versions of the feature phone category, in 2020, as well as market the phones available 3 new versions.

Supports Sony enabled versions of its smart phones with the Snapdragon processor 865 next year, also supports the new versions connected to the 5G, while the come versions available processor Snapdragon 735, with a forecast that also supports communication networks of the fifth generation.

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I have published leaks photographer recently Phone Sony related camera background includes 6 sensors, which is the version which applies is entitled Xperia 0 in 2020, also supports this version of the 5G technology, also comes the sensor main camera accurately 48 mega pixel camera with aperture variable F1.2/2.4, while the sensor III accurately 12 mega pixel camera with aperture variable F1.2/2.4.

Also features phone sensor 20 mega pixel camera girl lens F/2.4, with the sensor 16 mega pixel camera girl lens F/2.4, the sensor 8 mega pixel camera girl lens F/2.4, also include the settings of the camera sensor ToF accurately 0.5 mega pixel camera, is expected to be announced Xperia 0 at the IFA 2020.

As pointed out leaks that Sony is preparing to launch the Xperia 3 the dimensions of the 21:9, with the Snapdragon processor 865, with the QHD screen, with full control of the background of the trilogy.


I know of

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