Sony is experiencing a new dip in the number of units shipped of smartphones

Choose Sony a marked decline in sales of smart phones since 2014, and continue this decline until the first quarter of 2019 which saw a new dip in the number of units sold of smartphones, where the company recorded sales of 1.1 million units only.

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Despite the expectations of Sony’s first sales up to 10 million units with the end of the first quarter of 2019 during the month of March, but that the company reneged on those expectations after a month only to deliver its forecast to 9 million and then 7 million units only, and then dropped the expectations of the company up to 6.5 million units in the month of January.

I recorded Sony’s first dip in smartphone sales during 2014, which achieved sales of up to 40 million units just this year.

As I keep the decline in sales of Sony through 2018, where sales reached the company between the months of March-June to 2 million units, then declined to 1.6 million units during the subsequent months until October 2018, and then rose simple at the end of 2018 where it was shipped 1.8 million of the Sony phones.

During the first quarter of 2019 sales dropped Sony from new to shipped 1.1 million units only of its smart phones, which led to losses in phone division at Sony reached a $ 869 million, where the company tried to address these loss processes layoffs in the recent period with the aim of reducing operating expenses and rising losses.

Recall that Sony expects to up sales of its smart phones to 5 million units from now until March 2020, so we expect developments in the phone Section at Sony in the coming period.


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