Sony IMX607 — large 38-megapixel image sensor for Huawei P30 Pro

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that Huawei P20 Pro came out very good from the point of view of the camera. Here superzoom, what was not previously on any smartphone, and the incredible night mode, and AI.

And there was the Sony IMX600 sensor size 1/1,7 inch resolution of 40 MP. This, too, not one modern device was not there. Now, Pro P30, apparently, will persist this feature.

Just the sensor is new — Sony IMX607. It will be slightly smaller (1/1. 8 inch) with a slightly lower resolution (38 MP). But it’s still a huge sensor in comparison with the others.

In addition to the dimensions and resolution are other features. For example, the Bayer filter Dual instead of Quad Bayer from other sensors. In this half of the pixels white, which should positively affect images in low light. With other features you can see from the official document.

I wonder whether someone else besides Huawei to use this sensor, or the situation will repeat with IMX600?

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