Sony gives Lenovo the privilege to use the system design by PalytStation VR

سوني تمنح لينوفو امتياز استخدام تصميم نظارتها PalytStation VR

Granted Sony the right to use the design system of virtual reality of its own ” PalytStation VR ” to buy Lenovo in agreement announced on Tuesday, without revealing what the items fully; the only really clear advantage of the license patent that is specified for a period of two years to single Chinese company which began selling a system for its Mirage Solo design is similar.

Mirage Solo VR
Mirage Solo VR

Commenting the vice president of the company Lenovo on the convention said that the two companies work together in order to enhance the aesthetic design system of virtual reality that have market quick funding, it is noted that there is a difference in some specifications in the design between the two vehicles; the design of the system of the Lenovo is not an exact copy of the system of Sony; this is due to put Sony some limitations coming within the terms of the agreement for the protection of the design; which use permit administrator, the legal team of Sony, who said that “this design was the result of painstaking work for several years by the architects of the PlayStation”.

Feature system PS VR a unique design and comfort when you wear as soon as the specifications make it different from all the VR glasses for other companies such as: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, so it was the focus of everyone’s attention this particular aspect; to go back to talk about system Lenovo Mirage Solo licensed design; they sold for $ 399$ and on the virtual reality platform Google Daydream, will give the concession to Lenovo’s long enough to market a new glasses through the years.

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