Sony finally decide to release H its unique Sony FES Watch U outside of Japan


A few years ago, Sony launched an hour on the platform of financing of their own projects under the name of the Sony FES Watch U. the thing that make this watch interesting is that it’s using for the screen of electronic ink, which is the same screen used in e-readers such as the Kindle from Amazon. However, the company decided to Sony during the past period the launch of this watch in Japan only, but at the IFA exhibition in 2018 currently held in the capital German Berlin announced Sony that it will launch Sony FES Watch U in the mood of the markets.

Sony FES Watch U can’t describe its smart watch, it is a normal watch design can be customized according to the user’s taste. As you can see in the pictures, the bathroom is a single screen with E-Ink. This means you get the possibility to customize the appearance of the belt using a range of possible designs ready for use.

The clock itself comes with a structure resistant to water and dust thanks to the IP67 certification note that the diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 12 mm, while weighing 75 grams. The battery used in this watch can survive for about two weeks. The high-end version black ( Premium Black ) this watch has a glassy layer of solid Sapphire factory paint ion. While using the silver version and white mineral glass.


It should be noted that it can be linked to Sony’s FES Watch U with Android devices and iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0 to modify its design thanks to the application of facilities designed for this purpose. You can download a set of ready-made designs ( free and paid ) and create designs of your own using the camera. Generally, this clock will be for more countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain in mid-September at a starting price of £529.

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