Sony explained why Android P you have to wait so long

Optimization updates is a complex process consisting of several stages, each of which requires the manufacturer of a lot of resources. This statement was made by the representatives of Sony, responding to a question their clients about why Android Pie is still not available on their smartphones.

At the initial stage, which begins a few weeks before release a stable version of Android, the developers get from Google the update source files to examine and test it.

Android P and Xperia — compatible

The manufacturer then combines the update files with the files ON its own and optimizes the resulting product for different processors. Sony intentionally does not use the low-level software from Qualcomm, to be able to define the supported devices.

Further, developers are testing the core functions of the phone: making phone calls, sending and receiving SMS messages, surfing the web.

Beta testing Android P

The next stage, called “conficate”, provides debugging features brand loader. These include optimization of the interface as well as proprietary applications and functions. At this stage IN the distributed testers Sony and checked for errors.

When will the P for Android smartphones Xperia

Then, when everything is in order, the resulting software must be certified. Certification do consortia Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Alliance. Only after that the access update provided to participants of the early access program that will test it for three months — just until the autumn.

Curious, but the company is Essential, being completely independent from Google and having their staff in a relatively small staff, was able to reduce the duration of all stages of preparation and released the Android P for your smartphone on the day of international release. Learn, Sony.

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