Sony development of the helmet virtual reality wireless plates

Sony is working on the development of the second generation of virtual reality helmet device Games PlayStation these version it wireless.

When you become helmet Wireless Show the challenges of new technology, but she refuses to of on significantly where the player’s free movement in the room. Provide cables feeding the electrical transfer of visual image quality to the screen as well as images as well as the statement of accounts of the war.

Used to screen a virtual reality helmet refresh rate of the image ranges from 75-120 times per second and the high quality of this huge volume of data can be realized by wireless communication the traditional, so it may be Sony have to use the latest generation of Wi-Fi networks and frequencies of 60 GHz known as WiGig.

It is worth noting that the virtual reality helmet Vive of HTC use frequencies of 60 GHz, but it seems that Sony will have to solve an additional alternative and it is a wave of 5 GHz to ensure more instead in the wireless connection between the helmet and the PlayStation.

The main problem in using the frequency of 60 GHz it is easy to abuse and confusion by the objects in the room compared to the frequencies 5 GHz, so in a special patented and Sonny will be based on two types of frequencies are 60 and 5 GHz to try to overcome the obstacles and objects in the room.

It is worth mentioning that Sony invested and funded the company Japan Display, which made the screen dedicated not virtual reality massively huge hit for over a thousand pixels per inch compared with 386 pixels per inch found in screen the first generation of virtual reality helmet.

What about the price? Won’t be a new generation of cheap, of course, in the first generation sold 3 million devices because of their low price relatively $ 200 or games attached with it are all sold for less than $ 300, so given the considerable progress in the technology of the second generation, it will not be the same price as the first generation at least.

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