Sony developed what looks like a new style of cartridge games

Playstation Vita

When it comes to market devices mobile games at the moment, but Nintendo is dominating the scene thanks to your Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch to some extent. In the past, Sony compete with the company, Nintendo through Playstation Vita, but we haven’t heard much about what you think Sony do at this level.

However, can you think of Sony in the launch of a portable gaming device? If so, it is logical also to think in new ways to store games, this is why it is not surprising to see Sony have got a patent to do with it. Was discovered and patented this in South Korea by the website TechTastic, and you can see this patent below note that they know the cartridge games have weird.


Details pertaining to the design, little at the moment, but as we said earlier, it’s a unique design somewhat, and it seems like a small enough to go with a portable gaming device instead of a home gaming console like the Playstation 4. As we mentioned earlier, it is not clear what Sony do in the market of portable game consoles. The company has previously confirmed it will stop production of the Playstation Vita in Japan by the year 2019, and this is what can be seen as a way out of this market, or the way to make room for your games new mobile.

However, the registration of the patent that in the year 2017, given that we are on the outskirts of the reception year 2019 and we have not seen anything yet, it is possible to be patented and this is just an idea, but who knows, you might surprise us Sony, in the near future by launching a portable gaming device, a new cell culture device Playstation Vita. In both cases, you will wait and see what will happen in the end.



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