Sony developed a new gaming device

Even though the PlayStation Vita did not achieve the success that it was hoping for Sony, the company confirmed early in the year they are not ready to talk about mobile games.

A recently published patent returns recorded in South Korea for the last year suggesting try Sony next to offer a portable gaming device, showing patent cartridge ROMs can be connected with a new device -it may be the successor Fitch – outlet downstairs.

Despite the fact that Sony registered dozens of patents similar every year which you don’t see many of them light as a product, the likelihood version of the Sony device mobile games is in line with the statement of the president section games Sony John Kodera last May when it confirmed the necessary details in providing mobile gaming experience in full rather than try to separate the games from hardware provide the services of broadcast games to mobile devices.

This states that appeared more than a patent since the 2015 hints at a successor for the PlayStation Vita, despite the fact that these designs are mysterious, it can also refer to controller, a compact.

Source: The Verge

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