Sony decided to change the design of its new phone in the last moment

With the start of the countdown to the event the Sony to be a company for enthusiasts new leading the company’s correspondence with the Federal Communications Commission FCC to remove all the permits granted to the device .

The Japanese company reported that this step comes due to changes in the design where it is expected that the Committee agrees to this request, which arrived at the date of February 7, any by three weeks only from the date of the official unveiling of the phone .

Even now no one knows what changes the surprise that Sony decided to do, but it is natural that those changes are important to track at this time is too late.

Blog xperiablog interested in telling Sony reported that is meant by those changes, maybe the return audio port is 3.5 mm which is decided by the company not earlier or maybe add ratio new 18:9 The Company .

Anyway, these things are mysterious to be unveiled at an event Sony after 10 days from now in Barcelona Spanish.


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