Sony confirms its plans to launch a new version of PlayStation in 2020

Give up Sony launch the new version of the gaming console PlayStation during this year, where Sony confirmed in official statements on its plans to launch the new version in 2020.

Sony says its new PlayStation is more than a year away

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In the framework of the announcement of Sony about its financial report for the quarter and also their future goals during the coming period, Sony confirmed also that the new version of the PlayStation will not apply formally by April 2020.

Also confirmed to reporter of Wall Street in a tweet on statements by Sony about next year’s earnings forecasts for the company, where the company has indicated to its plans to push investments to develop the next version of the gaming console PlayStation.

By the last indicated Mark Cern in earlier statements that the new version of units of PlayStation will be unveiled during this year but might show glimpses of the first on the console at the end of this year.

Recall that many companies are moving to the development services representative to broadcast the games through this year, along with Microsoft’s service to broadcast the games, use Google also to launch streaming service new games, as Nintendo is also launching a new version of the gaming console Switch.


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