Sony bad: the reduction will half of the staff of mobile units

The division of the company Sony, which is engaged in the development of mobile devices, everything is bad, and although the company itself is not stated, says a lot about what’s true. It is expected that after the merger of the mobile units with the units involved in the development of cameras, televisions and audio equipment, which the company announced earlier this week, the state first gets under amazing reductions.

For many it is not news the fact that Sony is hiding huge losses from the mobile division behind the screen of the profits from three of its other companies. Edition Nikkei Asian Review published an article which reported that the Japanese multinational Corporation plans to lay off 50% of its workforce working on mobile devices before the end of this year. This percentage is just huge and the number of people affected by these cuts, which will be dismissed or transferred to other divisions, will reach 2,000 people.

Mobile business Sony for several years, draining the financial resources of the company, although she tried in every way to reduce expenses, regularly reducing its workforce. In the material of the Nikkei Asian Review says that this decision, as before, is part of a strategy to reduce fixed costs. While some of the employees of Sony, who will be affected by the aforementioned strategy, will be transferred to neighboring units, others who work in Europe and China, will be offered voluntary retirement.

Another step to reduce costs – the restriction of sales of smartphones in some areas. Apparently, Sony will no longer sell smartphones or will sell them in very small amounts in Southeast Asia and other regions to focus on Europe and East Asia, which markets apparently are more inclined to mobile products.

As I mentioned, similar major downsizing happens not for the first time. In 2014 a Japanese company laid off 1000 employees of its mobile division, but this, unfortunately, was not enough to stop the losses, and therefore reduction began to occur almost on an annual basis.

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