Sony ask of Xperia XZ2/XZ1 cope with the problem of the screen in their devices

Xperia XZ2

There was a large number of reports from users of series phones Xperia XZ1 Series from Sony about a problem related to the network cause the appearance of horizontal lines and white dots when you touch the screen or clipping finger. I have been asking similar complaints by some users series phones Xperia XZ2 Series also.

Has emerged the Japanese company made a formal statement about it, pointing out that this behavior is due to the electricity and ( electric charge constant ) in some models. Here’s the full statement :

Sony Mobile to provide the highest level of quality products and customer service for all of our products. Due to the characteristics of the screen, you may see the horizontal lines as a result of electricity and in some models. This is not a defect of the function usually choose horizontal lines as soon as the disappearance of the static electricity.

As you have noticed, Sony says that this is part of the properties of the screen, not a defect function. If you read between the lines, the Sony simply says that you have to deal with this problem because there is nothing the police can do to solve it.

We agree it is not a big problem, especially that some of the complainants say that the horizontal lines and dots fade after the passage of time. However, this is not the experience that users expect from flagship smartphones that cost a great deal of money.



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