Sony Announces Xperia Ear Duo Earphones

Earphones allow you to listen to music, get alerts for notifications from your phone, and hear the world around you at the same time.

Sony's participation in the MWC 2018 Mobile World Congress, currently held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, is not only the announcement of its smart phones Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact, which has entered the Japanese company through a new stage of design, but also announced the announcement of the new wireless earphones Xperia Ear Duo, almost a year after the company introduced the prototype.

These wireless headsets allow you to listen to music, receive alerts from your phone, and hear from the world around you at the same time, thanks to Sony's proprietary spatial audio technology, developed by the company's Future Lab program, allowing direct sound transmission to the ear.

Formally speaking, the design has not changed significantly compared to the prototype presented by last year's MWC 2017, and is resistant to IPX2 water spray, made of stainless steel and soft rubber.

The speakers provide the daily help function, so they can set the time, date, location, current user activity and other contextual information, along with Sony's audio dispersion technology to get the highest quality while listening.

Headphones can be controlled with head gestures by shaking the head to answer or reject incoming calls, skip music tracks, and control volume and music by scrolling or tapping the speaker.

Along with the ability to control using voice commands, through digital assistants Siri or Google Assistant, so that this feature depends on the four microphones that enable you to make calls and running applications, sending messages and set reminders and reduce noise.

In addition, the Xperia Ear Duo headphones are rechargeable, so you can continue to use them for up to 4 hours non-stop, and include the Sony smart chip Spritzer multi-sensor, so that it is able to automatically recognize the activity.

These handsets are compatible with Android and iOS, and are available for pre-order from today and are available in May at a price of up to US $ 280, so they come in a box for shipping and protection, available in gold or black.


Source: Sony Announces Xperia Ear Duo Speakers

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