Sony announces the cancellation of the integration platform PlayStation 4 with Facebook

Sony announced to stop the integration gaming platform PlayStation 4 with the application of FB, so will be available to users over the next link the Facebook account with the user account on the platform the PlayStation 4.

It was published by Sony on the company’s blog today of a new resolution to halt the integration of Facebook with the PlayStation 4, which support users in the former home of mutual friends in the gaming platform through Facebook, or watch gaming experience in the pages of Facebook, also won’t be able to users platform PlayStation 4 of use image your profile in Facebook to be a symbolic image especially for the user on the platform of PlayStation 4.

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I have explained to Sony users the possibility to upload an image via the internet to be a symbolic image for the user account on the platform of PlayStation 4, but Sony did not provide the clarification for the reason to stop the integration of the product with Facebook, especially with advertising of a sudden stop the integration without warning users in advance.

Projections indicate that the problem of Facebook’s recent leak users ‘ data is the main reason to stop the integration, coupled with the publication of Facebook in which it referred to the cancellation of Sony’s the advantage of access to user data in platform games, on the other hand, suggest Facebook, it is working at present to support the pairing Facebook with a gaming platform again.


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