Sony announces its plans to pull out of the competition in some markets

Sony unveiled its plans the next section of the phone, where you take the Sony out of the competition in some markets during the coming period.

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Held Sony meeting recently to develop key features for the future of the phone section in particular, owing to the remarkable growth of the company to Sony in sales of smart phones recently which prompted Sony to integrate the phone section with both sections of the TV, the speakers voice to the side of the section of the cable car two months ago.

Have targeted Sony this merger is to attract users to its phones from the New through the promotion of its other most popular section of games, music, TV, to emphasize the efficiency of the performance of the phone section that comes at the level of a lot of the company’s products as possible, to be Xperia 1 is the first release to confirm the context of the new Sony.

On the other hand, Sony has announced its plans to reduce operating costs up to 50%, with its forthcoming plans to withdraw from some global markets, particularly those markets that don’t have the Sony a large base of customers, where Sony will focus during the coming period to some areas in Japan, Europe and Hong Kong, while withdraw company from India, Australia, Canada, South America, Mexico along with Africa and the Middle East.

Recall that the strategy of Sony’s new aim to achieve profitability from the sales of smart phones by 2020, in support of the department phone to continue during the coming period.


I know of

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