Sony announces closure of the broadcast service Vue in January 2020

Sony confirms reports that talked about the exploitation of broadcast service Vue, but through the shut down formally in January 2020.

سوني تُعلن إغلاق خدمة البث Vue في يناير 2020

Sony announced its decision to dispense with the streaming service Vue fully through the formally closed at the end of January 2020 – specifically on the 30th of January, reasoned that because the change of train TV paid was less than expected so that the limited services in this sector on the content is high-priced and partnership with other networks is essential.

The decision comes after the news that talked about the company’s intention to sell the content service our days ago searches for a new buyer.

But according to mentioned statement, the service is on its way to closing fully, apparently because of the lack of common real a new.

On the other hand, the face of Sony has the attention of users to services and applications other content on the PlayStation to compensate for the closure of the broadcast service content Vue.

Maybe not the decision appears strange to most stores because of the decline in the number of subscribers to the service as well as the decline of the company’s revenue generally with the exception of the Department of games and PlayStation the same, which means she was going to say one way or another, to dispense with the services that fail to generate profits does not reduce the size of the losses.

On the whole, there are a lot of services that can be utilized to follow the content but on different platforms away from the PlayStation.


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