Sony announce the date of the put up a “PlayStation 5”

Wrote: Mutaz Diab

Hinted official spokesperson of Sony Corporation Mr. wired, during his interview with the Wall Street Journal, from the date put “PlayStation 5” markets, stressing that it will be by the year 2020, namely in the month of April, i.e., after a full year from now.

He added that he will invest $ 278 million in the development of the new generation, to be appropriate to the expectations of the users and lovers of his, especially in light of competition from other companies.

The reasons for asking the “PlayStation 5”

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The company announced earlier this year, that the sales of the last generation of the PlayStation 4 dropped in 2018, compared to those achieved in 2017, a very large number, where I said the amount of 19 million units, the company also forecast that this year will witness a new low in those sales, this is the main reason why serious thought for the world’s leading tech to roll out PlayStation 5.

And your Sony is great that most of their profits come from the games sector, especially in light of the loss it incurred last year from the investment in the mobile phone sector, where it accounted for that loss value of $ 869 million.

This has led to the entry of Microsoft and the gaming world to the ignition of the competition in that area, which is what I need from the Sony to the development and aggressively, we all notice that the constant flow of games on the Google Store, do not forget also attempts to facebook login in free games all that makes fans of the game expecting the appearance of the PlayStation 5 is and impressive car on the market again.

Amazing techniques

Earlier, the company revealed some of the techniques that will contain the new product, was the most important partner of AMD third generation, a graphics processing unit GPU and the alternative series Radeon’s Navi.

It would also support the tracking feature X, a feature which is marketed mostly as a value system, personal computer, and did not support tracking of the Rays in the console, but at the same time will support the fees of 8K will be able to use the physical disks.

The company disclosed a significant advantage for the new product is that it comes with a solid state drive (SSD), an option to enable the operator of devices of personal computers to access it for years but it was an option only for operators of “the platform of the pallet will form a” if you have purchased the device outside of their own.

Apart from providing more storage in the external drive, it is known that the use of the SSD reduces load times significantly.

The company showed impact on the Wired through the fast travel in the Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 Pro which took about 15 seconds to complete, which is scheduled to take 0.8 seconds in the new house.

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