Someone was peeping at Huawei OPPO showed foldable smartphone

Foldable phones as we said earlier, will inevitably become a trend coming 2019. Have Samsung is Galaxy Fold, yesterday, Huawei introduced the Mate X, TCL showed several folding devices at its stand at MWC 2019, and now the OPPO breaks into the party of foldable smartphones.

Brian Shen, Vice President of Chinese phone manufacturer, has posted on his social network account Weibo a photo of a prototype foldable smartphone. Brian said that this is just a demonstration module, and the technology does not give any idea about the serial device is the same as, and does not explain why these devices are needed.

Looking at the OPPO, it is impossible not to feel a sense of déjà vu, as it looks exactly the same as shown yesterday Mate Huawei X – one large display that folds out, creating two separate screen on both sides of the device. On the side also has a ledge in the entire height of the smartphone, which houses two of the camera module, flash and company logo.

Despite the fact that no technical characteristics was not stated, as this is only a demo sample, we can assume that the outbreak is located the main camera module with sensor depth, and on the side of the device we see at least three buttons and what looks like a fingerprint scanner under the volume rocker.

Brian Shen in his post asked, “How much do you really need such a device,” and we ask the same of you: if you buy this smartphone, if it reaches store shelves?

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