Some phones Pixel 2 get updated antenna without a previous declaration

Rushed many owners of phones series Pixel 2 of Google, as of 18 January 2018, to Internet forums in trying to figure out the purpose of the official update they got over the air OTA, especially as it came without prior announcement.

For non-public, a new update came out without the announcement of Google not even posting its details after its issuance, and, moreover, the the update that with the number of OMP2.171019.016, does not match with anything within the company’s warehouse for updates.

Some users believe that the update came only to fix defects of the software, but without having any impact or change on the device.

Recall that usually Google were to issue a security update every month, you may sometimes includes other improvements and advantages of new, but updated for the current month was launched, which invited the owners of the phones to exploitation.

Anyway, he mentioned the owners of the phones Pixel 2 that they got the update that came with size 41.8 MB two, which is small size compared to the updates that come with advantages, but some users have said that the update added advantages relating to the operation of multimedia by plugin digital Google Assistant.

And now there is no official statement from Google on the update that he got some of the owners of Pixel 2.

Do you have phone Pixel 2 is? Did you get the new update? We shared your experience in the comments.


Source: some phones Pixel 2 get updated antenna without previous declaration

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