Some phones Alcatel comes preloaded with the malicious program


Is to avoid malware on smart phones is easy, all you have to do is to avoid downloading and installing apps from the stores of the third party or visit suspicious websites. However, these practices do not guarantee you do not injury your devices to malicious software, but usually these practices help in avoiding it. Unfortunately for owners of some phones in Alcatel, has turned out recently that they already come with some malicious program.

This according to a new report released recently from the website ZDNet, which got on a report published by the company of the Upstream specialized in the Safe information, a report which says that the weather app called ” Weather Forecast-World Weather Accurate Radar ” featuring the already malicious software. The most dangerous thing is the fact that this app is developed by TCL, which already manufactures the phones for Alcatel.

For its part, explained the TCL that the application is not created with malicious intent it seems that in time, you know the app is a breakthrough which led to being hit malware. Prior to that, the app was already available on the Google Play Store, which means that the protection systems of buy Google was going to figure out these malware, so it is still not clear at what stage was the application.

Since then, we have reached a theory that has been embed the malware in the application by one of the developers in the company TCL, which exposed his system to penetrate. Once that has been notified to do so by companies in the Upstream, the company Google to remove the app from the Google Play Store, and after that notify the company and TCL also.


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