Some owners of the Apple Watch 5 suffer from the drain on the battery

بعض مالكي ساعة آبل 5 يعانون من استنزاف في البطاريةSeries 5

Of no doubt that the Apple Watch smart dominating the market especially after the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5 new features, longer battery life.

But the new here is the complaints of some users of the large drain on the battery, where that the duration of her stay it rise for 18 hours already promised by Apple for the hour of its full capacity.

Came complaining of running out of battery in particular after an audit conducted by the website 9to5mac, where it was compared to the battery life in the Apple Series 5 version 44 mm with the previous version of Series 4, to trainers that the administration of the previous version better than this people, but noting that not all users of the fifth generation from the previous have faced the problem of whom the owner of a copy of 40 mm.

In view to activate the review touched on the site that the shipment of the former has been implemented after 12 hours of activity; where it is supposed to be sufficient for 18 hours, with the knowledge that this experience comes to a different domain from the external use and activate the GPS and LTE connectivity which battery 5 hours of work in this case.

This is not the reason behind this shortcoming in the battery clear according to the, which denied the site to be for permanent display Always On Display a role in battery drain do not apply the Noise also.

In other cases, monitoring its site for some users suffered copy my previous problem of battery drain itself and not just limited to the larger only.

And still the problem list has some users, though they attempt to act on the reason of the report of the use of or the committee to turn off some features, and previous owners who have suffered from this problem to have a solution via a new update, this is unlikely given that the company has dispatched the update for the iPhone to solve a similar problem in the battery before days.



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