Some of the tricks of the trade with the new Apple devices

Apple tinkered with the way of dealing with organs and the beginning of the iPhone X and newer after the dispense button to the Hom for the imprint of the face and customize multiple options for the button fact. Has added Apple’s new options for the buttons even thought the users at first glance, that some things have become more complicated. It is no longer known to have a lot of public who are using older Apple devices how to deal with those new devices so check it on different blogs, as a way to force new hardware on reboot or even how to call up Siri in the absence of a button home. In this article we will shed light on how to force the Apple Watch, new iMac-new iPad Pro on reboot. As well as Enable or lock the automatic destruction of any-the iPad Pro.

بعض الحيل للتعامل مع أجهزة أبل الجديدة

Forcing the Apple Watch on reboot

Advised not to frequently user the Apple Watch Work Restart by force, preferably do it when absolutely necessary such as non-response, in this case you have to force it to restart.

Apple reported in the support document that the closure of the previous operation is the standard way to run wearable devices. However, if you don’t use the former to stop the operating standard, it may be necessary to restart by force. You cannot force the Apple Watch on the restart by force while charging the previous. So, be sure to turn off the charger while doing that process. As well as Don’t try to re-run the previous values if you update the operating system on the coast.

Over the previous On reboot:

◉ Press and hold the side button and the digital for 10 seconds at least and then leave the buttons when you see Apple logo.

How to force iPad Pro 2018 on reboot

As we know, that there is no operating system error-free. Fi device to know of any error at any time. The most famous of those errors is non-response. In version IP-bad traditional it was easy to reboot by force, be it by pressing the power button and a button home with so closes the device wafer and the Apple logo then release your hands. Now the Create Apple Button home, the right iPad Pro family of X in terms of receiving the technique fingerprint Face ID. It has changed a reboot is also concerned. To do this:

◉ Press the Volume Up button for one second, followed by right-click the volume down for one second. Then press and hold the top button “power button” for five seconds at least or wait until you see the Apple logo then release the power button.

The iPad Pro new contains nodding and shortcuts to the buttons just as in the family of X.

Enable Lock screen rotation on the iPad Pro 2018

There is no doubt that the use of an iPad in landscape mode for maximum benefit. On IP devices-iPad, old any by iPad Pro can use the mute button to install the screen rotation on the mode you want the condition to be activated through Settings – General – sharing options silent to measure.

In the iPad Pro 2018 has changed it completely and it became so easy on iOS 12 just like the iPhone. To situation report horizontally or vertically just pull the Control Center down from the top right of the screen and press click the lock icon to install the screen rotation on the mode you want. Any you will find a button “silent lock rotation” reverse the past was the button appears only one of them.

Are these tricks useful for you? If you know another trick, tell us in the comments.



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