Some of the tablet-the iPad Pro 2018 is being shipped it is curved, but Apple says that this is not a defect

iPad Pro 2018

If you have purchased a tablet online and ship it to your home and discovered that it curved a bit, so this will be a problem? Well, we believe that many people will see that as a problem, but Apple doesn’t think so. According to reports, it seems that there are some units of the iPad Pro 2018 that have been shipped to customers, which it turns out after its arrival that it curved a bit.

But according to The Verge, they have confirmed no Apple to this … ” natural ” is not considered a defect. According to Apple, this bend minor occurs due to the side effect during the manufacturing process, and exactly during the cooling phase. And Apple that this should not be exacerbated with the passage of time and will not affect the performance of the tablet, although it’s safe to say that this flaw is ugly because you can’t see it.


In some cases, the curve looks clear, though, that in the case of the image above posted on a regular MacRumors user MacDonaldTrump, it is quite clear. Users who face this problem try to return it to the Apple Store to replace it, despite the fact that the staff of the Apple TV says in some cases the customers that this is considered damage accidental and needs to be +AppleCare.

However, it seems that Apple is confident of the structural integrity of the device iPad Pro, says that these fears are unjustified. And yet still not sure whether Apple intends to do something about it or if they plan to keep things the same.


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