Some of the tablet-the iPad Pro 2017 the cooperation of the spot appears bright in the screen

iPad Pro 2017

According to reports from users in the forum MacRumors, it appears that there are some of the features of iPad Pro who complain about the appearance of a bright spot above the main button on the tablets. It seems that this mostly affects the Model 2017 of the tablet, the iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9.

Wrote one user : ” I have a place the size of 1 inch in the screen of the iPad Pro, which is brighter than the rest of the screen is lit unevenly. Place on 2 inch above the main button, although it contains smooth edges, can be described as the difference in brightness that is simple, it is clear that it exists. It looks a bit like a beaten for a long time fingering or something like that. I always keep it inside the protective cover with the glass protective layer for keyboard and Smart Keyboard, so he seems protected well “.

Since then, the site confirmed MacRumors that this problem already exists because it owns the iPad Pro displays a similar problem. The history of the emergence of reports about this problem for several months, which means that this problem is ongoing since a while now, and it seems that Apple may have admitted to its existence officially.


It seems that customers who own tablet devices are still under warranty are able to claim to get a new unit, but those who don’t have a guarantee and have a lot of luck, they’ll have to pay $ 449 USD for replacement screen iPad Pro 10.5, or pay $ 599 USD to replace the screen of the iPad Pro 12.9.


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