Some of the features of the phone LG G7 ThinQ suffer from the problem of quitting frequent

LG G7 ThinQ 9878

Quit the frequent ( Bootloops ) problem is very bad, they are basically lead to restart your phone repeatedly and do not allow you to override screen take-off, which makes the phone not usable at all. Unfortunately for some users of the LG G7 ThinQ, they seem to be facing this problem with their own units.

According to a number of posts scattered on the XDA forum Developers and social Reddit, it seems that there are many millions of phone LG G7 ThinQ who used to complain of the problem of quitting repeated in their own units. The good news is that, according to comments published by the mission, after making a call with LG, they were told that units will be sent to alternate them.

It seems a bit inconvenient, but at least users can replace their phones deactivated. But if this looked familiar, it is because this is not the first time LG has this problem. Several years ago, faced the users of LG Nexus 5X the same problem too.

In the end, the LG company to return the money to customers who were affected by them, but it is certain that the impact on the company’s image and reputation in general. Besides the replacement of the units affected by the new ones, it is still unclear what the company plans to LG to do, if updating the software would help prevent that users of the LG G7 ThinQ of others.



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