Some of the features of computers MacBook Pro suffer from a problem with the backlight

MacBook Pro 2018 ---

Is computers MacBook Pro is among the best products offered by Apple consumers, they are not thin, but Strong also to improve the videos during development. As a result, it is not strange to find that it is very expensive, but it should be with the cost get the experience of an excellent use.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen with some of the features of MacBook Pro, because some of these users say they are facing some problems with the backlight on the screens of the computers of the MacBook Pro their own. This seems to affect computers MacBook Pro, which was launched in the year 2016, and some of the new models, which suggests that this problem has been around for a while, but didn’t deal with Apple yet.

According to the website iFixit, which highlighted this problem in a blog private, it is possible to be the reason for this is the use of flexible cables breakable. ” When I first arrived, it seemed the best design. But as usual, the back is in the details. She chose Apple use cable flexible weak and brittle instead of using cables and wires used in previous designs which can be passed through the joint instead of roll around, which helps to relieve the pressure of frequent opening and closing “.

The problem is that this bug does not appear to the After Period, and at the end when the problem appears, have the computer outside the warranty period, which means that the bill for repair will be so huge that up to around $ 600. And even now, I got some customers on repairs free or repairs low cost thanks to +AppleCare, while the application of other payment reform.


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