Some Nokia phones send personal user data to China

In a report published yesterday, claims the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation public NRK that she found evidence that some Nokia smartphones you transfer the user information is encrypted to China. The report claims that the existing data on the device, such as GPS location and serial number of the device and even the phone number of the user, is sent to the server tray.

This ring was under the scope of the “”, which is said to be run by Chinese telecommunications company owned by the state. And, apparently, every time you start the units Nokia 7 Plus, the data will be transmitted immediately to the server. Similarly, the operation of the screen or unlock the device would lead to the same thing.

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Fortunately for users, this problem exists only with one batch of units Nokia 7 Plus. And presumably, the smartphone was initially dedicated for the Chinese market, but it eventually reached the hands of European consumers. Given that the problem has been raised, the HMD Global remove the files of the offending devices.

As a result, it is now checked HMD Global authority to monitor data protection in Finland.

In response, it published the company’s HMD is a Global statement about this subject:

” We can confirm that it did not share any personal information with any third parties. We have analyzed the situation at hand, and we found that the activated device special bin dedicated to another country has been included by error in the software package Group is one of Nokia 7 Plus. Because of this error, these devices try to send data to activate the device accidentally to a server belonging to the body external. However, these data are processed never and can not determine any person based on this data. I have been already identified this error and fix it in February 2019 and all devices affected by this reform”.


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